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Team Pragati FAQs

1. What is Team Pragati ?
We are a set of organized & disciplined owners who have been working on the ground to improve the society and community for the last 2+ years. Some of us have been actively involved in negotiating better facilities and services from DLF since almost 5+ years. We are primarily committed to a better future for our kids and ensuring that the community can withstand external and internal pressures. Come, have a chat with us to understand more about our action plan.
2. I haven’t heard of some of the candidates. Who are they? What have they done?
While we spoke to many good owners, many are currently ineligible, not available or not aligned with our core philosophy of inclusive membership to the association and doing things the right way.
We have picked the best TEAM that can execute our philosophy of doing things the “right” way.
3.What do you mean doing things the right way?
There is a wrong way of doing the right things.
There is a right way of doing wrong things.
There is a right way of doing right things.
Talk to us to find out more!!
4. Why don’t you clarify questions in social media groups?
This team is committed to respectful communication and clean debates. Difference of opinion & feedback on manifesto, ideas of improvement is most welcome and encouraged. We do not wish to get into any mud slinging.
5. I heard that same set of people are continuing to pursue legal path from last few years for sake of EGO and refuse to compromise?
No. This is not a fact. It is not EGO, but cold logical rationality that drives us. As per the lawyer this is the only way to secure  the community and our kids from future issues.
Do you prefer “NO future plan for you& your kids” OR
“BETTER future plan for you & your kids”?
6.  Will we focus ONLY on legal requirements. What about day to day quality of life improvements? Like sports ground, shops, etc.
Having multiple experienced folks in the majority committee will help expedite matters. Untill now all proposals by well meaning owners were stalled due to lack of approvals and funds from DLF.
For example water aerators, shops, sports ground improvement, CCTV, comprehensive appt management softwares, corruption free processes, reduce brokerage dependencies,  etc.
7. What are the basic points of your agenda?
  1. As soon as AGM and election is complete, call for an EGM within 15 days and pass the resolution to add all FDN paid owners as members , Increase the members in executive committee from 10 ( to make 15 or 17 or 19) and call for re-election.
  2.  After Re-elections, form sub committees and involve people who wants to contribute in improving the services /facilities inside society.
  3. Re-negotiate the contract with JLL and ensure better service. Management fees to be reduced to 2 lakhs and negotiate on per sqft maintenance charges to 2 rs.
  4.  Take steps to reduce maintenance charges. (Work towards enabling golahalli line which will reduce generator usage cost, Work with BWSSB to get more Kaveri water and reduce tankers, common area electricity saving measures, man power optimization, etc)
  5. Improve safety and security inside campus (increased CCTV coverage , Proper security deployment, enabling access cards, Quick reaction teams, vehicle speed governing rules )
  6.  Pet policy implementation, Tenant policy implementation, peaceful (less noise) neighborhood policy , vendor policy implementation, maid policy implementation.
  7. Improve greenery inside campus.
  8. Effectively utilize the public parks and facilitate young children for outdoor games.
  9.  work with DLF to get the clubhouse completed with good quality.
  10. Generate funds for association through advertisement and explore solar power for common area through generated funds.
  11. Bring the association under KAOA.
  12. 2nd car parking policy.
  13. Develop setback area for residents utilization.
  14. Association not to use maintenance fund to fight any court cases.
  15. waste segregation at source policy and implementation. Increase the capacity of OWC and explore alternate place for the same.
  16. water conservation steps for the society.
  17. Association to utilize SW like apartment adda/ apna complex to increase efficiency and streamline the services.
  18. Renegotiate Gardener contract, Lift maintenance contract, STP maintenance contract and fix responsibility.Include penalty clause.
  19. Until KAOA is formed, Adhere to KSRA rules and regulations.
  20. Make WH inclusive society instead of taking confrontation approach.

8.If mix of candidates win from team A, team B and Independent candidates then based on your election agendas how you will sort out the policy to be implemented?
That’s the big question voters need to think while giving their mandate. While Pragati members like Bharat have tried their best in last one year to bring various opposite viewpoints together for the sake of implementing necessary improvements, it has proven difficult and ardous. That does not mean there is no difference of opinion within team Pragati, and all members listen to the opinion of 1-2 people.
All the members of the Pragati team are well connected to the residents and are gracious & open to feedback  for improvement. They accept the majority opinion and work towards the end goal with the philosophy of “disagree & commit” without letting the arguments get vicious or personal. We believe in maintaining good personal relationships & goodwill inspite of all our differences of opinion.

9. What happens if team Pragati do not hold majority seats in the new EC and we are unable to implement the desired changes to the bye-laws and initiate KAOA?
A shadow council of the key members will be formed to overlook the actions of the new EC for the full term. This is a perfectly acceptable way of governance. The team members of Pragati have long been active members of the community and engaged in all civic works and initiatives. Mostly due to their type A personalities and also an interest to protect the future of their kids and the society. Hence being elected hardly matters to continue the engagements with local civic bodies, residents, celebrate festivals, etc. It would add an additional layer of complexity, sure, but its not the end of the world.
Caveat: All owners are free to pursue any legal remedies to protect their interests in the case of continued fraud perpetuated by WHCAOWA.

10.  What is Team Pragati’s view on bachelors tenants ?

Amongst the community, there are both kinds of views. One view is to keep Bachelors and others to be allowed as tenants. Team Pragati believes that the first obligation for us is to follow the law of the land and which favors no action that discriminates on caste, creed, sex, religion or marital status. Hence no offficial resolution that would bar renting of flats to Bachelors would be admissible in the court of law. At the same time the age group of 18-28 contribute to a healty demograpy of any society. We have seen many nuisance incidents largely attributable to bachelors. So as to maintain balance, following are the ways to regulate such cases:

  • Work towards increasing the rental value of the property.
  • Suggest Owners to adopt a model rental agreement clause that will protect the Society from rowdy/noisy/nuisance tenants. Also, put a reasonable cap on number of individuals that can be accommodated as tenants in a flat. (Not applicable to family occupied flats)
  • Work with Govt Agencies to see that flats with dense population of bachelors (students or otherwise), are marked as Commercial property.

11.  What is Team Pragati’s view on Commercial Activities inside the campus ?

Commercial activities in residential premises are well defined and laid down in Karnataka Shops and Establishment Act, which is the governing legislation on this subject. There are certain other laws/rules that also become applicable in parallel, e.g. Food safety regulations, fire safety regulation etc. in case an activity invokes these regulations.

Some members of Team Pragati were also the founder members of Vendor Policy document draft that was prepared last year after detailed deliberations and same is available in public domain ( https://goo.gl/9EPS5D ) It covers a large no. of commercial activities that can be operated in the premises. It can be referred by all concerned. With some more consultations and modification, it may be rolled out in future.
With this as the background, some additional facts need to be understood:-
5% of any residential premises are allowed to be used for commercial purposes without attracting additional levies/compliances. This covers activities of professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Consultants etc. Services like Creche etc, that are essentially run from homes within the localities for obvious reasons, have been kept out of the purview of Commercial activities.
As a society, we would be entitled to run some shops and establishments (limited to 5% of the total BUA) within our premises, with due clearances and compliance from respective regulators. It’s upto the Managing body to formulate guidelines and policies inside the premises, keeping in mind larger public good, cleanliness, noise levels, inconvenience to neighbours and other relevant parameters.
Team Pragati is committed to upholding the basic laws and regulations of the land, while making it as convenient as possible for the residents, with broad-based consensus.


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