Westend Heights, Bengaluru

A place called……. Hometown !!!

Nitesh G Bhat


Personal and Professional Credentials

Nitesh G Bhat is a BE in Electronics and is in the IT Industry for the past 16 years. He is currently with IBM as an Infrastructure Architect – Collaboration.

Nitesh and his wife Smita have a daughter studying in Class III, all staying in Westend Heights since the past 3 years.

Contribution to Westend Heights Community

  • Prepared and shared Comprehensive Snag Checklist.
  • Founder of Hike group for A Block since WhatsApp had a limitation of 50 members in a group.
  • Helped fellow owners for final demand note and possession related queries.
  • Took up the initiative to change the CFL bulbs to LED bulbs at my floor and parking slot in A1 Block. Also encouraged all to take up this initiative which would save on Common Area Electricity costs.
  • Suggested DLF Projects Team to fix LED Street lamps instead of Sodium Vapour lamps which would help in Green initiative.
  • Member of Core Team since its inception in D Block and then later in A Block
  • Actively participated in most of the CT meetings.
  • Interfaced with JLL and SLV teams to address problems related snags and regular maintenance of lifts and common area.
  • Part of the initial Sports planning group to develop sports infrastructure within Westend Heights.


Vision and Action Plan

  • Initiate process to create Owners and Tenants handbook with inputs from all Owners of Westend Heights. This would help in enhancing the safety and security of all Westend Heights residents.
  • Initiate process to create a pet policy which would help in coexistence of humans and pets in Westend Heights.
  • Install CCTV cameras to cover the entire Westend Heights complex (including lifts) and operationalize the access control system. This will enhance security, safety of Westend Heights Complex.
  • Evaluate available software for Security, Gate and Account management in the most economic way to enhance Security within the Westend Heights Complex.
  • Renegotiate Maintenance contract with JLL and SLV to reduce costs and include certain in-flat repairs (for example: Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, etc.) in their SLAs. Also, initiate the process of finding new vendors for services, that will bring change and avoid complacency setting-in.
  • Work with the rest of the team irrespective of their strengths and weaknesses, and provide my unbiased feedback and solution.
  • Create a happy, clean and healthy society with a civilized atmosphere in Westend Heights.
  • Look at options to reduce water and electricity usage within the Westend Heights Community.
  • Create a conducive environment by amending the Bye laws to include all owners who have paid their FDN to be eligible to be part of the EC. Expand the EC from 10 to a larger number to enhance its representative nature.
  • Initiate the process of registering our RWA under KAOA 1972, which is the right legislation and protects both short term and long-term interest of buyers.
  • Zero tolerance for bad behavior, unlawful activities and abusive language in the community.


Contact Details

Flat No. – A1093, Westend Heights

Mob: +91 9739991143

Email: niteshgbhat@gmail.com


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