Westend Heights, Bengaluru

A place called……. Hometown !!!

Mrs Bobby Jolly



Personal and Professional Credentials

Mrs Bobby Jolly has made Bangalore her home after coming from Delhi a few years ago. Living in WH since early 2016, she and her husband Mr Randhir Jolly are familiar faces on the cultural landscape of WH. She works for a Finance company, affiliated to Citibank NA and manages a team of 50 people. Her daughter lives in L&T South City and is a frequent participant in WH social events. Her son is in Singapore, working for an Insurance MNC.

Contribution to WH Community

  • Organized the Lohri festival at a grand scale, with minimal financial support from residents. This event was hailed as one of the best organized in WH by most of the residents.
  • Actively participated in various cultural events as part of their organizing teams and devoted substantial personal time and effort to every function, providing support to children and ladies.
  • Bringing a mature and balanced view to debates and discussions on contentious issues, especially those affecting the wellbeing of ladies, children and senior citizens.
  • Member of WH Senior Citizens Welfare Association since its inception over one year ago, she has contributed to its development and routine functioning in a significant way.


Vision and Action Plan

  • Develop a vibrant Senior Citizens Association for the common good of our elder fraternity in WH. Ensure its growth and provide adequate support to their causes through our RWA.
  • Create sufficient and senior citizen-friendly infrastructure to foster good health, mental well-being and emotional support for our elders.
  • Create a happy and healthy environment for children in WH by taking up child friendly initiatives, providing safe play areas and suitable infrastructure.
  • Create female friendly environment in WH, by raising relevant issues within the association and driving the action plan to make it a happy and safe place for ladies.
  • Regularly run awareness campaigns in WH on various laws and rules related to women’s causes.
  • Help monitor the routine functioning of service provider related to the maintenance and cleanliness of common areas in WH.


Contact Details

Flat No. – A 6162,WH

Mob: +91 9810145247

Email: bobbyjolly30@ymail.com

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