Westend Heights, Bengaluru

A place called……. Hometown !!!

Jijo T George


“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit” – Harry S Truman

My journey in DLF Westend Heights community started in Jun 2009 with the booking of one unit in D block. Me and my wife, were quite excited, rightly so, as it is our first home we are going to live in 3 years’ time from then. Housing loans were approved, and bank promptly started recovering the EMI’s. Little would we know about the tough situations, which await us down the lane. We were Fortunate to connect with some of the fellow buyers and became part of the Westend groups. I participated and listened to all things related and not related to WH till 2016


I did participate in almost every meeting, mostly with the people as part of the group, I believed that the pressure we put really helped.

Midway through the project, it was clear that DLF was not transparent about the approved plans, money paid to the government authorities as taxes and levies which will be passed to customers, final area etc. That’s when I decided to make use of RTI to good measure. I did obtained the approved plans, gained approval to visit BBMP office to check the papers. Approached labor office to find the truth about 2CR labor welfare levies, various taxes (commercial, excise, VAT etc..) claimed to be paid to state and central agencies.

As the D block possession was about to start, we came to know about the existence of WHCAOA, but none of us were aware of the bye laws, EC or the members. Visited registrar office, filed multiple RTI to get the details. It was found out that the addresses were non-existent DLF address, many info were wrong.

After the possession, actively participated in building D block community by actively participating and taking up responsibilities.

One of the key achievements last year was the Onam celebrations. I was active along with a team of people to organize a wonderful Onam celebration, Sadhya etc. One of the occasions when residents came together in WH. It was one example of frugal and careful event organization.


Active participant in the Volleyball community within WH as well as others.

  • I strongly believe the WH association must be run by honest, transparent and capable people who work for inclusiveness in the society.
  • Work on reducing the maintenance charges without affecting quality. Sustainable energy consumption practices and contributing to betterment of environment.
  • I also believe in providing multiple avenues to become a healthy society, especially through sports and other physical activities.
  • Ensure the association is formed the right way, under KAOA 1972.
  • Long term impact items such as solar and energy storage which can reduce the dependence on diesel generators.
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