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Mogishuddin Raza



Personal and Professional Credentials

Mogishuddin Raza is a technology leader and a technopreneur, having more than two decades of tech industry experience, with extensive background in technological innovation, product development, presales and solutions provider. He has cofoundedcouple of companiesand successfully running it for past 6 years. The company which he has cofounded, provides technological solutions for complex problems, particularly in Big Data, Machine learning, AI&IoT space. Before starting his own company, he had worked in large MNCs such as EMC Corp and Hewlett-Packard as well as startup companies like Trados/Netkraft. He started his career with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited as a govt. employee.

While working in different types of organizations he has attained the expertise in, but not limited to, business planning, market research, pre-sales, sales, planning and architecting, product engineering development &deployment, finance, people management, resources and partnerships building in a cross cultural global virtual matrix environment and building strategic partnership across the globewhich enables building an eco-system for a winning organization.

He has an Engineering Degree from a college of well repute. He has been staying in WH for over two years with his wife, Afshan & three kids and actively participating in all community activities.

Contribution to WH Community

So, in his professional career he has seen the entire gamut of business operations and know-how and that gives him the right set of arsenals to build and operate any organization from entire operations perspective including but not limited to, Finance – on which he wants to contribute and has been contributingfor couple of years in WH society.

Following are the contribution that he has made:-

  • Raza has been very active in WH affairs ever since 2013 and therefore he was pretty much aware that sitting at the fence will not help, hence he joined hands with active members of the society and helped the volunteers in replicating the D block Core Team model to A block and later B & C blocks from June 2016 onwards to form a larger, inclusive WH Core Team.
  • As a member of Finance sub-team he scrutinized the accounts along with the other team members and found that DLF had been billing to D block on estimation basis which was Rs 3.5/ psqft. So he and his team pushed DLF to do the CAM billing on actual and not on estimation. Which resulted in bringing down costs to Rs 2.5/- psqft straightaway.
  • The other major contribution he has made is that while reviewing he and the finance sub-team found that DLF/ WHOCOWA has deposited the Service Tax for A block flats to the tune of Rs 1 Cr. We questionedon this decision as CAM of none of the flat (even the largest apartment size of 1893 sqft) hasn’t crossed the Rs 5000/- pm, for the applicability of Service tax.
  • He pushed them to file for a refund and that refund has now materialized, which would get credited in all the A block flats’ CAM accounts soon.
  • Actively working with active members of the societyin resolving conflicts and enforcing certain degree of discipline inside the complex, in-spite of limited powers, through mediation, persuasion and decisiveness.
  • Participated in multi-pronged pressure action on DLF to resolve issues with BBMP/BDA and start Club-House construction.


Vision and Action Plan


  • Form a subcommittee of owners having expertise in Finance, to form a formidable team to accomplish the following finance related vision for WH.
  • Bring transparency in all financial transaction by ensuring that monthly expense reports are published
  • Ensure a regular internal Audits by the subcommittee and even involve the larger audience
  • Review all the contracts, especially JLL and SLV and renegotiate the contracts for a win-win proposition to reduce the maintenance costs.
  • In order to maintain the transparency in procurement & vendor management, our subcommittee shall participate and contribute in developing the procurement & vendor management policy framework keeping the standard corporate procurement process into consideration.
  • And if required, work with the other EC members to bring new vendors which suits our requirement.
  • Explore all the possibilities to bring down the CAM rate including but not limited to water tanker and diesel expenses of DG, besides renegotiation of JLL & SLV contract.
  • Shall review and drill down into all the expenses to make sure that all the expenses are legitimate.
  • Shall ensure that our society is compliant from all the prevailing acts/rules like Income tax, GST, minimum wages and at the same time a better planning or minimal tax liability.
  • Appropriate apportioning of income to minimize tax liabilities year on year.
  • Initiate independent audit to review the financial report before taking over the association from current EC.
  • Make the EC genuinely inclusive by amending the Bye laws and enfranchising all owners who have paid their FDN. Expand the EC from 10 to a larger number to enhance its representative nature. Also, make it confirm to the KSRA 1960 and make it a robust guiding document for running the society.
  • Initiate the process of registering our RWA under KAOA 1972, which is the right legislation and protects both short term and long-term interest of buyers.
  • Meet/speak on a regular basis with Residents and owners, to obtain genuine feedback and take their suggestions/ views for improvement of our quality of life.
  • Work with the rest of the team, where different persons will own different portfolios, for the overall betterment and common good. Always uphold the common good over personal benefits of individuals/ groups.
  • Zero tolerance for bad behavior, unlawful activities and abusive language in the community.

Contact Details


Flat No. – A7183, WH

Mob: +91 990-021-9523

Email: mogishuddin.raza@gmail.com


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