Westend Heights, Bengaluru

A place called……. Hometown !!!


I have been following WH and its activities for the past 9 years.
I can say with confidence that all of Team Pragati are dedicated, sincere residents who always have the singular aim of making WH a good place to live.
I know few of them personally for many years and can vouch for their integrity.

All the very best to Team Pragati.

I fully endorse this team and I am sure it will bring good to the society. I have personally inetracted with few of the members (Mogishuddin Raza, Kartikeya Khanna, Prabhakar P Suvarna, Col Prasanna Kumar) and i can tell you they are all good and kind hearted people. They have been working tirelessly behind the scenes for making this a vibrant society with full of all the ammenties for kids and elderly people.
I would like to extend my support to this team and will urge all the owners to select them in the upcoming elections.

Great news to hear you guys are contesting to bring the house on order. I too have interacted with some of the great minds and sincere personalities in the list.
I would have preferred one list with all hard working, and contributing people. Instead of two panels contesting against each other. Probably that is how it works in reality.

My best wishes and support for sure.
– KRN A1043

I fully endorse this team for the good will of the WH residents. Honest and hardworking and committed people on the list. Good luck
-Umashankar A4142

My full support for the team Pragati… I know each and every member of this team and can vouch for their integrity, honesty and intentions…
Let’s support them completely.

Dwairath is silent but very matured and dedicated person. There was so many “lift malfunction /breakdown” issues in B&C blocks. Everytime he got involved, called meeting between various parties and got the issues resolved.. Dealing with monopoly vendors like OTIS – not an easy task. In fact we want such dedicated persons who take-up specific issues, work and remain consistent till achiving the result. “Jack of all arts” won’t help.. mere talkers also won’t help. Dwairath may be a silent guy on chat groups but the voters should not ignore him. I am writing this on my personal observation; I have nothing to do with Pragathi.
-Mathew Paul


It gives me great pleasure to support Mohi , who has been coerced by all of to contest elections (poor Mohi).

When I shifted to DLF, Mohi was one of the first few people I met personally. Before that I met him during dharna days and in Dlf the first thing he said to me is , let’s build a beautiful community.
He was part of D Blk CT and he tried to demonstrate how it methodically works and operates with JLL to resolve day to day operating issues. How to take feedback and valid criticism from residents, how to divide our tasks to operations, association and Dlf project related. Based on his inputs to the A blk CT and suggestions we were along with key volunteers from A blk form the A blk CT and successfully merged with D BLK CT after our teething troubles.
Mohi has a fav saying for teams. There is a storming phase, forming and finally the productive phase of a team. By his experience in the industry, it takes nearly a year for any team to storm, form and then become productive.
Anyways, i have witnessed Mohi support many good initiatives in the society in last 2 years. Wether it’s Sunday cleaning drives, installing dustbins on westend avenue, resolving any conflicts between residents and if necessary going to police station to help out troubled friends who have been called there, taking friends to hospital in emergencies, spending meetings& time with JLL to push them to work, volunteer in cancer hospitals, study for MBA, focus on his fitness and mentor his kids, etc etc etc!
Sometimes I secretly wonder if mohi is human, how does he manage to fit so much in a day??? The answer ofcourse is time management, ppl skills and no sleep 😉
What I like best about mohi is that, he truly wants to build a community that’s good, non commercial, safe and clean. He opposes wrong even if his best friends do it and doesn’t agree to any proposal easily without giving his feedback. He has also been a gentleman in his dealings with all residents and never seen him insulting any seniors, fellow residents, ladies till date.
My vote for my friend Mohi, always ….. and if he doesn’t get in to the EC …. frankly I think the society doesn’t deserve him.
Team Pragati is an organic formation of the Westend Height habitat where a group of like-minded, ethically attuned and highly spirited do-gooder found each other. Team Pragati is a pack of altruistic people and only a few of them have been nominated for the election as there are only ten seats available.
If anyone out there as a Westend Height Resident wants to live in a society in peace, a society standing on the strong foundation of the bye-laws, a society which operates as a well-oiled machine, this is the team to elect without a choice.
These are the people who think and speak in rational terms rather than with adrenaline rush or sticky dramatics. This is a team which has the people who are insanely passionate about their social work, invest their personal time and in return never expect any fan following.
I was immensely benefitted in the BBMP interfacing and getting my legal documents done which took probably 1000 hours of silent hard work from Prabhakar sir in the background. I trust Col Prasanna and Dwairath any day for making a lawful rational judgment by tossing pros and cons in any difficult meetings with external or internal stakeholders. I am on the same page as with Nitesh in terms of safety security and aesthetics within Westend Height. And Mohi is the icon of Westend Height do-gooder.
Team Pragati is not merely a list of nomination, it is backed up by the tremendously passionate effort of many people who are silently redefining what a responsible society living is all about.Those are Karthikeya Khanna, Tirthankar Das, and Palak Shah. I understand that the first twoindividuals have more enemies than friends within the society. That is so because they don’t they do not put on their smiley masks as they don’t intend to monetize their social work. Palak is the ‘brother in arms’ in Westend Height for his friends and for the strangers.
I identify my thoughts and views with Team Pragati in totality.
I like many independent candidates but I won’t vote for them. It takes a whole pack of cohesive thoughts in dealing with the issues of complex habitat like Westend Heights where are that 1830 apartments and as many as 3500 residents.
-Rashmi Nandi




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