Westend Heights, Bengaluru

A place called……. Hometown !!!

Dr Dwairath Dhar


Personal and Professional Credentials:

DR DWAIRATH DHAR, an Integrated PhD from the prestigious Indian Institute of Science has made Bangalore his home for almost 20 years. Research is a passion for him and is presently working in a top global petrochemical company in the area of polymers. He booked this flat in WH in 2009. Dwairath is residing with his family, comprising his wife Aparna, and two lovely children, since December 2016 . During the course of this journey, he has made several friends who are not only co-residents but also like his extended family.

Contribution towards WH:

  • During 2014-2015 when the completion of the towers was nowhere in sight he took the initiative to lead monthly inspections (along with a team) to track the progress of work. That was the time when customers were not allowed to enter the project site and there was no clarity on the handover of flats. This activity had put a lot of pressure on the project to expedite the work and rectify the snags.
  • Coordinated several meetings with DLF site team on periodic basis. Spent a lot of time to gather information on the project status and share with fellow owners worldwide for their benefit (through google group).
  • Extended complete support during protests/ dharnas being physically present on the site.
  • Fully supported email campaigns towards BWSSB connection, refund of Fire station charges, visitors parking etc.
  • Since 2016, he has been a part of Core team, which was an interface between WHACOWA and residents. Also coordinated with JLL on various fronts such as proper housekeeping, debris cleaning, Lift maintenance etc.
  • Conducted the first ever Blood donation camp in WH in early 2017 which was a great success. Further extended support to Swatchh Bharat cleanliness drive.
  • He is a founder member of Srishti cultural association which conducted first ever Durga Puja in DLF-WH in 2017.



Vision and Action Plan for WH

  • Westend Heights needs to be a community where there is friendliness and goodwill. The foundation is of trust and residents resolve their differences amicably.
  • In order to achieve this there should be inclusiveness:
    • All owners who are have paid FDN (registered or not) and paid their maintenance should be enfranchised.
    • All financial processes involving vendors should be made transparent.
    • The gaps in the existing By-laws need to be amended to make this happen.
  • Maintenance model should be made such that there is value for money. In principle, maintenance contract with JLL needs to be relooked and services such as small fixes inside the flats included along with improvement in TOT. The maintenance should be targeted at Rs. 2.0 – 2.5 psqft, at least until the operation of clubhouse begins.
  • Unity in diversity: All owners/ residents should stand united during difficult times and help each other to solve problems.
  • Safety and compliance: No compromise on safety of residents whether installation of CCTVs or controlling rash driving. Also, try to achieve maximum compliance in paying maintenance and electricity dues.


Contact Details

Flat No. : B 4064, WH

Mob No. : +91 9945564317

Email ID : dhar.dwairath@gmail.com

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