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Personal and Professional Credentials

Col Prasanna Kumar is an Indian Army veteran having served for 22 years. An award-winning officer, he has seen active combat and personally lead and steered diverse teams of people in crisis situations across different geographies in India. He has managed diverse teams ranging from 30 to over 1000 personnel and managed large premises with high value assets.

He is now a full-time Entrepreneur, running two companies in India and one in US for past 3 years, after a 3-year Corporate job in ITES sector in Bangalore. One of his companies provides security services to strategic installations of Govt. of India. He provides training and consultancy in Leadership Development in IT/ITES companies and also teaches Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship subjects to MBA students in Business Schools in Bangalore.

He has an MBA from IIM Bangalore and is an alumnus of National Defence Academy, Pune. He also holds two PG Diplomas in Management and is a certified Psychometric Analyst and Consultant. Prasanna and his wife Jyoti have two sons, one studying MBBS and other in class XI, all staying in WH for over two years and actively participating in all community activities.

Contribution to WH Community

  • Expansion of D block Core Team to incorporate A block and later B & C blocks from June 2016 onwards to form a larger, inclusive WH Core Team.
  • Chaired most of the CT meetings and managed highly volatile debates month after month for over 18 months, with widely acceptable and workable outcomes.
  • Interfaced with JLL and SLV teams to address security related issues, resolving conflicts and enforcing certain degree of discipline inside the complex, in-spite of limited powers, through persuasion and decisiveness. Helped evict tenants from two flats, indulging in immoral activities. Preventing further damage to society’s reputation.
  • Part of the Sports Facilitators Group that is overseeing many initiatives to develop sports infrastructure in WH.
  • Part of Water-Action Team and Bribe-Free Khata Team.
  • Part of Vendor Policy formulation team, draft of which is ready for implementation, with some modifications by new Executive Committee.
  • Participated in multi-pronged pressure action on DLF to resolve issues with BBMP/BDA and start Club-House construction.


Vision and Action Plan

  • Create a happy, healthy society with a civilized atmosphere in WH, where we accept our diversities and varied opinions with a smile, and not with a frown.
  • Make the EC genuinely inclusive by amending the Bye laws and enfranchising all owners who have paid their FDN. Expand the EC from 10 to a larger number to enhance its representative nature. Also, make it confirm to the KSRA 1960 and make it a robust guiding document for running the society.
  • Initiate the process of registering our RWA under KAOA 1972, which is the right legislation and protects both short term and long-term interest of buyers.
  • Install ~100 more CCTV cameras and operationalize the access control system. This will enhance security, safety and bring down the manpower cost in the long term.
  • Renegotiate Maintenance contract with JLL and SLV to reduce costs and include certain in-flat repairs in their SLA. Also, initiate the process of finding new vendors for services, that will bring change and avoid complacency setting-in.
  • Meet/speak to at least five persons (Residents and owners) daily, to keep my ears to the ground, take their suggestions/ views for improvement of our quality of life.
  • Work with the rest of the team, where different persons will own different portfolios, for the overall betterment and common good. Always uphold the common good over personal benefits of individuals/ groups.
  • Zero tolerance for bad behavior, unlawful activities and abusive language in the community.

Contact Details

Flat No. – A1023, WH

Mob: +91 9449827018

Email: kumar.prasanna.2008@gmail.com


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