Westend Heights, Bengaluru

A place called……. Hometown !!!

Bharath MD


Personal and Professional Credentials:

Bharath Gowda M D has worked in IT field in different roles for around 16 years now for organisations like IBM, ITC infotech and AOL. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication. Bharath spends his spare time at his farm house, taking care of agricultural fields and also does valuable social service.

Initiatives and Contribution in WH:

  • Working with BESCOM to get the meter name transferred without bribe.
  • Coordinating with DLF & BBMP to get the khatha bifurcation done which will help in getting A- Khata to all buyers.
  • Working on sports related development in different parks as a team.
  • Gym area tiling was executed for the benefit of society.
  • Coordinated with DLF for getting the badminton court work done. Supported other members in completing it.
  • Kannada Rajyothsava function was planned and executed successfully with the help of all team members.
  • From 2012 till Possession, planned many agitations against DLF, and was continuously pressurising DLF for the deliverables.
  • Worked with BBMP office and pressurised them for getting the B & C block OC.
  • Worked with BBMP and pressurised them for getting the club house plan sanctioned and obtain CC.
  • Was part of the team to get the street lights installed on WH Avenue.
  • As a team, executed the traffic management plan on WH Avenue.
  • Was driving the coordination meeting with all owners to get the daily issues resolved.

Vision and Action Plan for WH:

  • Using various measures, would like to bring down the maintenance cost for the society.
  • With safety measures like efficient security deployment and CCTV , wants to make society safe and secure.
  • Wants to develop the sports ground for young children and create more sports infrastructure in under-utilized/ unutilized areas within the complex, other than Club House.
  • Closely monitor the functioning of the service provider (JLL) to ensure their efficiency and improve service quality & response time.


Contact Details

Flat No. – B1096, WH

Mob: +91 9886160012

Email: md.bharath@gmail.com



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