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Team Pragati


Mr. Prabhakar P Suvarna has over four decades of banking experience. He holds an L.L.B. degree, besides a B. Com. Now retired from service and living in WH since Aug’16, he has been at the forefront of “Property Tax & Khata Drive – Without Bribe” for WH owners, devoting valuable personal time and effort and making numerous visits to BBMP and other offices in last one year. He is committed to the welfare of our society through selfless initiatives for the larger good.

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Col Prasanna Kumar

Col Prasanna Kumar has experience of 22 years in Army and past 6 years as Entrepreneur in India and US. With a proven track record of administrative abilities and managing teams of over 1000 personnel, he has a hands-on approach to management. An alumnus of NDA and IIM, Bangalore, he is an active member of WH community for past 2 years, having chaired and steered the Core Team for over 1.5 years. His contribution towards Security team, conflict management and team work are well-known in WH.
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Mr Bharath MD is the perennial conflict resolver of WH, bringing people with opposite views on a common ground and fostering welfare and developmental activities with consensus. He has over 15 years of IT experience. He has been part of many developmental activities, e.g. tiling near Gym area, street-lights, sports infrastructure, Bribe-free Khata transfer, BESCOM name change and more. His excellent rapport with Project team and govt. officials is an asset for the community.

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Mr Modin B Shaik (Mohi) is no stranger to WH residents, what with his multiple interventions and activities ranging from sports infrastructure, Polio-drops, Cauvery Water initiative and waste Mgt to events like ‘Clean Westend Avenue’. Mohi has over 18 years of IT experience and works at Oracle. He is pursuing Exec MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. He enjoys excellent rapport with govt. officials and uses it to our advantage, be it BWSSB, BBMP, BESCOM or local public representatives, he can leverage them for our collective benefit.

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Dr Dwairath Dhar is a Lead Scientist in a Global Petrochemical company and holds a Ph. D. in Chemistry. He has been actively involved in WH buyers’ affairs since 2009, by conducting regular site inspection and construction stage monitoring on monthly basis which was critical to put pressure on DLF project during delays. He is a founder member of Team Srishti, that conducted Durga Puja par excellence, last year.  He has been instrumental in conducting various campaigns e.g. Blood Donation camp and Swachh Bharat campaign in WH. He is passionate about developing an inclusive community in WH.

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Mrs Bobby Jolly is one of the most well-known faces in WH community. Coming from a Financial Services background, with over 18 years of experience, she has lived in WH for last two years and has been an integral part of all cultural and religious events. She actively contributes to the Senior Citizens’ Club of WH, besides indulging in charity activities in local communities, bringing joy and happiness to the under-privileged sections.

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Mrs Sonal Sharma is an MBA from Pune University. She has worked in ICICI Securities and is currently a home maker, living in WH since December 2016 and actively participating in various social events. She was one of the leading organizers of the Republic Day 2018 celebrations in our community and helped conduct the sports events successfully. She wants to contribute at the grassroots level and create a close-knit community.

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Mr. Jijo T George comes with 18 years of IT experience and holds B. Tech. and MBA degrees. He has been an active participant in all our fights against DLF since 2009. He is also an RTI activist who has used it for our common good several times in the past to expose DLF’s misdeeds. He believes in building a happy and inclusive society in WH and has committed his time and energy for this cause.

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Mr Nitesh G Bhat is the quintessential level-headed person in any meeting, taking a balanced view of conflicting requirements and divergent demands of interest groups. He has 16 years of IT experience and works at IBM. He has been an integral part of Core Team and worked with the maintenance sub-team on snag-detection, leading to qualitative improvement in services like lifts, Common Area plumbing, WTP and STP. A silent worker with unmatched dedication to the cause at hand.

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Mr Mogishuddin Raza is a successful Tech Entrepreneur, having established two companies in past 6 years, after gaining IT experience in many companies. As part of Finance Sub-Team, he worked relentlessly with JLL and DLF, to bring down the maintenance cost from initial Rs. 3.5 psqft to Rs. 2.5 psqft now. He has devoted valuable personal time and effort to ensure that Service Tax deducted unfairly on our CAM be refunded. This refund will soon reflect in our next CAM bills.

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Dear Fellow Owners,You must be aware of the upcoming AGM of WHCAOWA and subsequent election of a new Executive Council comprising 10 members from amongst us.

You may also be aware of the numerous challenges that we face today, resulting from years of mismanagement by DLF, apathy of current EC members and poor enforcement of rules and regulations, besides discriminatory practices of DLF against some of our fellow owners.

There’s still hope of making Westend Heights (WH) a better managed, vibrant and progressive community in times to come. Many of us have directly and indirectly contributed to the society through our voluntary efforts in last 3 years. Now its time to elect our representatives and make substantial progress towards our end goal.

The new EC is slated to have 10 members. Following is the list of 10 well-known, dedicated and committed persons who have come forward to become members of the new EC, who have our collective best interest in mind:-

Mr Bharath MD
Mrs Bobby Jolly
Mr Dwairath Dhar
Mr Jijo T George
Mr Mogishuddin Raza
Mr Modin Bude Shaik (Mohi)
Mr Nitesh G Bhat
Mr Prabhakar P Suvarna
Col Prasanna Kumar
Ms Sonal Sharma

This team has deliberated upon their agenda and discussed with a wide array of residents (owners and tenants) for the betterment of our society and chalked a path forward. Following are their key commitments:-


1. Facilitate membership of all buyers, who have paid their FDN, into WHCAOWA, with voting rights, within a definite time frame. This would ensure ‘inclusive’ nature of our association and avoid exclusion of any section/ group of buyers.

2. Facilitate expansion of EC to a larger size body and ensure fairness in representation, besides reasonable work distribution. This would be undertaken through re-election of EC in a time-bound manner.

Do it the right way

3. Amend the current Bye-laws of WHCAOWA, which are known to have many errors and ambiguities, besides violations of KSRA 1960 (under which WHCAOWA is registered).

4. Initiate and steer the process of forming our Residents Welfare Association (RWA) under KAOA 1972, which is the right legislation for registering the RWAs in Karnataka.

Well being by Public-Spirited minds

5. Smooth functioning of WHCAOWA in the interim period to ensure good quality of life, upkeep & maintenance of the complex, reduced cost of maintenance and overall improvement in the quality of our community by addressing important issues in immediate term as well as working towards well-thought long term initiatives, based on common good and majority views of the owners.

We request all owners to exercise their franchise wisely, keeping in mind our collective, long-term interest and vote for the above nominated persons.

So in case you are aligned with the nominee credentials, please choose your proxy wisely. Here’s the available help. Please exercise your proxy voting by submitting a scanned image of your proxy form to secretary.whcaowa@gmail.com and your chosen poxy’s email on or before 01/05/2018.

Available proxies are (Choose any one)

Kartikeya Khanna (mailtokartik@yahoo.com)
Palak Shah (palak.shah@gmail.com)

To give your proxy vote via Kartikeya Khanna, download form

To give your proxy vote via Palak Shah, download form

Step 1 – Fill, sign and scan Proxy Form
Step 2 – Send the proxy form by 01/05/2018 to secretary.whcaowa@gmail.com AND your chosen proxy’s email

Thanks and Regards,
Team Pragati

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