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Common FAQs

1. Why are we participating in this AGM and not boycotting?
We spoke to KAOA experienced lawyer , and his recommendation was that right set of people takeover the association and steer it in right direction rather than continue in this limbo and legal dispute forever. With those unregistered ready to boycott that’s still a huge minority of owners and DLF could easily walk away with handpicked candidates who would not even attempt inclusive membership.
2.  Who should I vote for out of 10 candidates in a team?
Every person/flat should vote for ten candidates. The top ten ppl to get votes get in the EC and vote for president amongst themselves. It can be ten from same team, or a mix of different teams or less than 10.
3. Why are we bothering about KAOA?
While KAOA is a long drawn out process and will take years, speaking with lawyer has absolutely convinced us that a team focussed & committed to KAOA is the only way to protect the long term interests of ALL owners for a large society such as ours.
4. What is a proxy? Why is it needed?
Only the registered owner or co-owner of  the flat can vote. If spouse  is not co-owner then a proxy is needed to vote on owners behalf.
A proxy gives the right to vote to ur friend, tenant, person you trust. All 10 votes will be cast on your behalf. It has to be filed by May 2nd.
5. Can I give a proxy now, and in case I can go to AGM tear the proxy and vote?
No it’s either /or. Either you give the proxy and do not attend AGM or you don’t give proxy and go to the AGM. Or you lose the chance to vote.
6. What is the risk that DLF places their handpicked candidates?
Risk is real and probable. Does not mean we must not try.
7. How DLF can handpick candidates?
– DLF (Now Begur OMR Homes Pvt Ltd) claims ~400 votes in the name of flats thats arent registered yet. The claim falls flat when seen in light of the Societies Registration Act which  recognizes one vote per member where member is a person/individual and not a flat. Hence any attempt to claim ~400 votes for unregistered flats gives an unfair edge.
Can we trust DLF to keep it’s word not to use those votes?
When registration is required for voting, how can Dlf use their votes for 400+ unregistered flats?
8. I am unhappy with JLL. How soon can we change them?
All vendor contracts need to be re-negotiated to better benefit the owners & residents including JLL. IT cannot happen overnight due to knowledge transfer requirements but it’s not going to be easy going for any vendor henceforth.

9. Any financial decision involving more than 1 lac rupee has to be taken by voting in AGM, not just be elected 10 members.Any team or individual willing to accept or wants to retain powers and keep all owners on dark till next election ?
Such idea comes at the back drop of need for transparency and wider consultation. An AGM/EGM need not be invoked for each such decision , that will create more beauracracy and hurdles for timely implementation. We also need to see that the practice of breaking down the big ticket into small ticket doesnt happen.We need to define a threshhold using 80:20 rule so that the resources and efforts do not drain away just to conduct EGMs for such decisions.
Of course we have tools available today to take pulse, for which access controls are to be built in, user verification to be done, every sale/purchase tracked and user database updated.After this quick polling for key issues can be done and decisions taken with majority opinion.
Team Pragati is committed and sufficiently supported by like minded fellow owners.
Whether 1 lakh is right or 10 lakhs, the threshold will depend upon the scale of transaction we will be dealing with. We do not yet have an idea if this is an appropriate amount for 1830 apartments.
In conclusion, this is an absolute must in the new EC no matter who ends up steering the ship.

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