The Pre-possession Struggle

Here is the compendium of the struggle that the buyers faced.

A lot of buyers showed active participation in their struggle to get the possession. Families poured over, the media covered it widely. The camping outside DLF Marketing office, the Hunger Strike by Dr Shankar…… looking back, the Westend Heights is blessed to have such motivated souls who tread the path of truth.

In the days of 2013-15, one important source of information came from the blogs written by Sheethal K Kayyar. Please do go through the blog.

Presenting in this page a wider view of this piece of history to inspire the generations

The Agitation of August 2013







Feb 2014 – The Co-Ordinated Agitation in DLF’s Delhi Office too

Hear the message Cdr M S Shama Sundara and Sunil Singh conveyed.


April 2015 – The Hunger Strike by Dr Shankar


April 2015 – Another Co-ordinated support in Delhi led by Shyam Sundar

Hi friends,

Update From New Delhi. Due to unstinted support from all of you we could meet and convey our issues to highest management

We had protested outside DLF corporate office  along with DLF capital greens, DLF express greens and Manesar associations.

From WH Bangalore we had Shri Hansraj, my self, my family, Suneel singh and Ishwar.

More than 100 gathered in total. Police was around 100 and private security was around 50.

After lot of shouting and sloganeering people attempted to brake the gates and police cardon.

Lot of media was present. NDTV, Zee, CNBC, ANP, TV 9, Public Tv, ETV etc.

After police intervention, we agreed to meet DLF management. One from each project met DLF management. I represented WH.

Rajeev Talwar, Director (Board of directors), Mrs Ananta singh Raghuvanshi, Jayaswal (DLF’s media head) etc were there.

They said that they are prepared for Capital Greens project only. Mr Talwar said he would note down WH points and convey to ‘highest decision making body’.

When my turn came, I intimated about status of project. I gave demand letter drafted by BWA to him. Following are the demands explained and noted down by Mr Talwar:-

  1. All flats to be handed over in next 8 months with promised amenities and DLF should walk out of our life.
  2. Increased delay compensation.
  3. Condonation of delay in payments of 2 installments by 15 days each.
  4. EPR, Delay penalty to second owners.
  5. No charges for area not part of FRR (extra balconies etc). (I said minimum we can consider accepting is what was given to DLF NTH Gurgaon).
  6. Reconstitution of WHCAOWA with genuine buyers.
  7. Immediate operationalisation of temporary club.

When Mr Talwar stated that OC is something not in their hand, I said DLF can complete all works in each of the flat ASAP. If OC comes by then, they can handover all the flats in no time. I categorically stated that DLF is not doing what is in their ambit and we buyers will back them if any issues beyond their control comes up with external agencies.

I stated DLF has sought change in plan in Oct 12 when 95% of money was collected. The cost was reduced from 536Cr to 264 Crs. How they have reduced the cost by 50% after collection of 95% amount. I sought to know what has been compromised. He said he will enquire.

I said that DLF banalore management has not been able to fix 2-3 benches too inside the D-block area. They have not even cleaned site of temporary club house. They say approval is required from Delhi. For everything they point fingers towards Delhi. I demanded to know why Delhi office takes 4-6 months to approve fixing a bench costing less than 10K. Mr Talwar stated that local offices have financial powers and he will look into these issues.

When he said that Mrs Shikha will speak to protsters, I said some one who has powers to approve/ sanction should speak to us. He then stated that Mr JK subramaniam will speak to us. I requested that Mr JKS can speak to Dr Shankar  or any one from team in Banglaore and plan for a detailed meeting. When I proposed that we will come and meet the management in Delhi, Mr Talwar suggested that Mr JKS will come to Bangalore and speak to buyers. He gave me Mr JKS mobile number and asked to speak to him and convey our problems. Mr JKS will come to Bangalore and solve them.

Mr Talwar has assured me that all issues will be looked into and resolved. He has agreed to meet us in Delhi if need be.

Let us hope for the best. Its for BWA to strategise now on.



April 2016 – NDTV Coverage on Westend Heights on the pretext of RERA


The Newspaper coverage

A saga of how buyers fell into a pre-launch booking trap and ended up paying far more than the offer price. Part I of the story.