Sow 'N Grow

Relax, unwind, cool down….. stretch your arms, bend your waist….. sit down, stand up….hold your breath, let go of distractions …  Let your mind and body work in peace.

That’s not Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, but something that an urban farmer does at the Community farms of Westend Heights. There are 3 such farms located in A Block, Central Park and D Block where people can try their hands in tilling and farming a small piece of land.

Purely a Community-driven initiative that started in 2017 on small patches of garden areas in each of the 3 blocks.


Objectives of Sow ‘n Grow Community

  1. To propagate Balcony kitchen gardening
  2. To propagate Community Farming
  3. Thereby, promote serenity in the Society that brings harmony and inclusiveness
  4. Thereby, harmonize with the flora and fauna around the Society
  5. Thereby, promote healthy living


For Balcony Kitchen gardening,

the Sow ‘n Grow Community will endeavor to help each other by suggesting best buys, best tips and tricks, sharing experiences, seeds, saplings with each other.


For Community Farming, at Westend Heights, few areas are earmarked for Community Farming. Small plots of size 3-5 sq meters are drawn out where residents can experience hands-on farming.


The Sow ‘n Grow community is open for all owners and residents alike.

Want to know more, please read the Community Farming Guidelines

Pepped up to get a plot, apply for one here and get into the queue

The Good and Sad of Sow ‘n Grow

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Help in tilling, watering, harvesting, spraying others’ plot Taking help from maintenance staff for own plots
See that the farm lands does not run out of water Selling produce from one’s own plot (you anyways wont get that much 🙂 )
Taking help from maintenance staff for common plots Plucking produce without asking the plot allottee
Sharing seeds, saplings, cuttings, fertilizer, pesticides, produce, time and effort Crossing the allocated boundary of the plot
Use Barter desk and log all transactions in the register
Get a good deal for bulk purchase
Relinquish plots at the end of cycle
Talking to your neighbours and encourage them to do terrace farming