Festivals and Events

Team Pragati members have been instrumental in organizing and conducting various festivals and events in Westend Heights. When not taking the lead, they enthusiastically participated to help other residents conduct events as well. We believe in happy living with all residents and meticulous planning that results in the enjoyment of all!

Below are listed some of the events and festivals conducted by Team pragati candidates and supporters.

Story of a Seed 

3 batches of children were led through community garden tours by volunteers and shown the vowonders of gardening. All the kids were super excited to see strawberry plants, tomatooe plants, brinjals maturing, chillies. Sometimes even the parents would wow on the efforts of the community gardners. At the end, all kids were sent home with a starter kit to start their very own mini nursery! It was an amazing experience for all and fruitful and productive Sundays spent with nature.

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Anganwadi projects

Bobbyji has spent time at the local Begur Anganwadi with the young kids enjoying their company. She led a team in 2016 diwali time to collect funds for painting the anganwadi and distributing some gifts & donated clothes to the children. She also distributed gifts this year during lohri to them. Amongst the kids, Bobby ji is happiest to be part of their fun and banter!

A different Diwali Dhamaka


Senior Citizen Club Anniversary

Westend Heights has a vibrant and active senior citizens club. Bobby ji is an honorary guest member of the club and helped organize the senior citizen anniversary where they danced, sang and enjoyed good food! It was a memorable evening for many, where they could relive their childhood school performance days!

Also the annual financial statement of the senior citizen club was presented to the attendees by Mr Yogesh Chandra,a key supporter of Team Pragati.


The library was started as a small venture with a few books and some donated tables, almirahs. It has now grown to 200+ members and 1000+ books. Hearty thanks to Mr Yogesh Changra and Mr Venkatraman for managing the library so meticulously. Kids of all ages enjoy the games and books throughout the summer. It is also the location of the senior citizen club meetings.


A team led by Bobby ji, organized Lohri festival for the first time in Westend Heights in 2017. A smashing hit amongs the residents for the colorful decorations depicting the flavor of Punjab, many punjabis were nostalgic about the Lohri festivals they celebrated at home and said that this year they didnt miss home at all. Interspersed with lively performances by adults and kids for hit Bhangra numbers, the crowd in the end enjoyed Punjabi style langar. For the first time ever in Westend heights, the Lohri team organized dinner for 1500+ residents while maintaining hygiene and quality for all!!

The Lohri team was greatly appreciated for their creativity, enthusiasm and boundless energy!

Republic Day 2018

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Christmas 2016

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