Barter Desk

Barter Desk at Westend Heights was created as part of the Sow’N Grow initiative. Barter Desk provides a platform for our gardening enthusiasts to share their resources without having to go through the hassle of finding a common time and place that works for all to meet in person in our busy schedule. 

Barter Desk is located at the Podium level of B3 Block, with a simple arrangement of a input/output register, a table and a shelf to keep and store the shared items.  The Shared items can be things like seeds, a sapling of a plant, a tool to help with gardening or a bottle of organic pesticide that someone would like to share with the rest of the community.  Whenever someone from the gardening community have something to share, they place them at the desk, update the register and inform the community via telegram group.  Likewise, if someone is in need of an item available at desk, they pick what they need, update the register and optionally let others know in the Telegram group. 

The beauty of this arrangement is that it functions in a totally un-manned and self managed way.  The value of trust, respect and sharing and caring for others in our community is demonstrated in this highly successful initiative.