Get the guidance on BBMP Property Tax Payment and Khata. If you want to join in this bribe-free endeavour, please submit your interest here. You will be added to the Telegram Group for regular updates.

The endeavour is anchored by Sh Prabhakar Suvarna, Shashi Bhushan, Bharath MD Gowda, Kartikeya Khanna and supported by hundreds of fellow owners.
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Property Tax Payment and Khata

Below is a set of guidelines for paying your property tax and apply for Khata.

Where to visit for Property Tax Payment and Khata application-

BBMP Begur office
Direction from WH

BBMP office is closed on 2nd Saturday and on Sundays and public holidays.

There is a temple opposite the office where you can park your car/2 wheeler (by chance you are worried about parking)

Property Tax Payment Application

You basically apply to BBMP asking for your Property Number against which you will be paying the property tax.

Step 1 – Collect following documents set

  1. You need a copy of your Sale/Conveyance deed, preferably certified as True Copy by a Notary (if you take along original Conveyance deed and show to BBMP Officer, then notarization is not needed)
  2. A copy of the EC, preferably certified as True Copy by a notary.
  3. Completed the Property Tax Application form (Original)
  4. Completed Property Tax Application form (Photocopy, for acknowledgement)

BBMP Prop Tax Blank form.pdf
BBMP Prop Tax Filled Sample.pdf
Step 2 – Go to BBMP office and submit the application. You must get an acknowledgement of submission on the photocopy of the application form
Attention – You will be asked to pay some Bakshish (Rs 500), please do not pay. You will be given all sorts of excuses like server slow, file will go here there, etc reasons. Do not succumb to such stories.
Step 3 – In theory once BBMP has processed your application, you are supposed to get a SMS notifying your property number. If you have not got the notification after 2 weeks, give BBMP a visit and ask what happened.

Step 4 – Again wait for 2 weeks and give BBMP a visit, sit there till they key in the details in their system.

Step 5 – Pay the tax on the BBMP online Property Tax payment Portal
a. Click on the below link
b. Click on “New Property” link from the menu
c. Enter the SAS Application Number

d.For A block owners, Property Tax has to be paid for
2016-17 &
e. You are not allowed to edit for 2015-16. Pay as it is.
f. While paying for 2016-17, edit the Zone.
Click E for present zone
Click D for Zone Cap.
Also check the Car park area mentioned. If it is some 500+ sq.ft, edit it to 150 or                    180 depending on your actual car park area.
g. No need to edit anything while paying tax for 2017-18.

Property tax due as per BBMP

D block : 2014-15 onwards

A block : 2015-16 onwards

B & C blocks: 2016-17 onwards.

Khata Transfer and Certificate Application

Step 1 – Collect the following documents

  1. Sale/Conveyance Deed
  2. Encumberance Certificate of your flat (EC) (you get on registration day post registration completion)
  3. OC of your block (A Block OC, BC Block OC, D Block OC)
  4. Property Tax of the whole property (2015 – 2016 is present as file “Phase I Property Tax_2015-16.pdf“)
  5. Westend Heights Khata Extract and Certificate ( Westend Heights Khata – 27 Acres 20 Guntas.pdf)
  6. If you have paid property tax, then those receipts 2015-16 and 2016-17. Ideally your property tax payment should be complete before applying for khata
  7. If you are a GPA holder then copy of the Power of Attorney
  8. Fill up Khata application form (File: suvarna_khata_forms_template.pdf). You can refer to the filled example form “Khata_form_filled_sample.pdf“)
  9. Make one photocopy of Khata application form (s. no. 8) for acknowledgement purpose.

Items 1 to 7 need to be certified as “True Copy” by a notary. This can be done at Kormangala BDA complex or in Jayanagar (at Rs 10 per page) or at any notary of your choice.

Step 2 – Submit the whole set of documents at BBMP office and definitely take an acknowledgement. DO NOT FORGET THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. It can be on a covering letter or on the photocopy of Khata application form.

Step 3 – These documents will be uploaded in the portal by BBMP and will send email/ message or call to the owner informing that the account is ready now and need to pay for the A Khata transfer.

Step 4 – An amount on 2% of the sale deed (individual needs to check for the amount with BBMP) has to be paid as DD in favor of “Commissioner BBMP”.

Step 5 – Please give 30 days and then visit BBMP asking for status

For more details refer to BBMP website

You will also find a Khata FAQ and Khata Flowchart

Step 6 – After filing your Khata application, wait for a week and file a RTI. The RTI template is available in this same folder.
Refer to file RTI_Khata_Status_BBMP_ARO.docx

For paying the RTI Fees
You just need Rs 10/- Indian Postal Order (IPO) from any post office ……even if you get Rs 5/- or Rs 20/- buy them… several for future use.

You can also attach Rs 10/- Cheque or DD or pay cash on BBMP counter there …….IPO is fastest overall.

BBMP Phone Numbers
Kanikaraju 9845048103 (M)
Basavaraju 9480684001 (M) 26487619 (L) ARO Begur
K Chandrashekar 9480685452 (M) RO Begur
G. Fatima 9480684406 (M) RO Begur

All BBMP Numbers

Click to access roarocon.pdf

Disclaimer : All information is provided on best effort basis and from the experience of other applicants. Please also check with BBMP in case of discrepancy.