The Proxy – Risks and Solution

The WHCAOWA Election is due on 5th May 2018. Well, we never heard of any WHCAOWA election since the birth of WHCAOWA in 2010.... did we? Yeah, from 2010 till 2017, WHCAOWA did exist on paper and handled over 30 crores of budget.... crazy, no !! So, in this election one of the rule is … Continue reading The Proxy – Risks and Solution

Bring More BWSSB Water To WH

This is a live blog updating the efforts made to bring more Kaveri water to Westend Heights. Every kL of BWSSB water saves us Rs 55/-. Our sanctioned demand is 19.7 ML/month on full occupation. However we get a paltry 2-4 ML/month....and many times even less than 1 ML/month. A group of motivated residents took … Continue reading Bring More BWSSB Water To WH