The WH YOUNG BUDS – June 2020

Stitching cloth masks for WH STAFF

By Richa Balaji , 15 yrs, B Block

In the last month during the COVID crisis, I started an initiative to make washable cloth masks at home by our WH residents and give it to our WH support staff. The masks were made by the residents out of t-shirts, scarves, cloth etc. at home. While we as residents, have been privileged enough to stay at home and keep away from crowds as precautionary measures during this pandemic, our WH support staff is on the front line round the clock, working tirelessly to keep us safe.  To show our solidarity, I felt the need for this initiative. This experience made me really happy knowing that we all were doing our bit during this tough situation. We fell short of our target, but lot of help poured in. Many residents pitched in to help us in reaching a total of 111 masks. It touched my heart when the staff thanked all of us.

Distributing food to the needy

By Abdul Rahman Shaik, 12 yrs, D Blk

I have distributed 100-200 packets of food per day in the Corona pandemic 2020. I have distributed these packets to the migrating laborers that you should have heard in the news. These packets contained some rice and daal, each day there are different items in the packets. I have not done this distribution alone, but done with my family brothers, sisters and cousins in my hometown. I did this distribution because these labors are migrating with their children hundreds and hundreds of km in this lockdown.

This pandemic has taught me to stay home, help the needy ones and stay safe. I request you to help the needy ones in your area and don’t go outside unnecessarily.   Stay home, stay safe. ­    
Emelyn Maria Justin


By Emelyn Maria Justin,  14 yrs, A Block

This project was a part of the Social Action Project given to us by our school. It was recommended that we work on an issue pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Distributing the masks I made would be advantageous for everyone, not just the household helps I was targeting. I feel that my initiative would be beneficial because wearing a mask will safeguard all of us from the virus, not just the household helps who work in several of our flats.  I am elated to say that I have been able to meet my target of providing 1 mask to 30-40% of the household helps. We succeeded in distributing masks to all the household helps who have entered our apartment complex so far. Anyone keen on taking up the project from here on can contact us and we shall be more than happy to share the specifics of how to make the masks, where to procure the materials and so on. I look forward to taking part in similar projects in the near future

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