Rs 20/- to make WH Waste Management Zero-Sum Game…..that's possible !!

Gold….. precious Gold, we throw out our houses daily. That gold is the recyclable waste in the form of plastics, card boards, tin cans…..and of course loads of beer bottles !!!

So, starting Dec 1, 2018 – me, my Mom and my better-half, Shivi, decided to retain the recyclable, saleable plastic inside the flat and collect it in a separate bag. Just additional 15 seconds to clean the milk packets with water so that retaining them inside the house does not create smell.

Exactly on 1st Jan 2019, we touched 2 kg of plastic which we today sold off to the BBMP Dry Waste Collection Centre situated at Rukmaiah Layout behind State Bank of India, just 400 meters away from Westend Heights. It wasn’t my first choice of place to sell. The other 2 kabadi-wala whom I first approached, refused to take the milk and other packaging plastic and wanted to choose some specific kind of plastic. Only then I moved towards the BBMP DWCC and the personnel there were friendly. Took me just under 2 minutes to complete the transaction…no nonsense. We got our Rs 20/- @ Rs 10/- per kg.

This Rs 20/- was something, that should otherwise have gone to the Association. So we decided to remit the amount to WHCAOWA (…hey, that is not donation, btw). So, while I wrote this blog, the cheque has been duly received at the helpdesk today.

The Value of Rs 20/-

For one flat in a month, that’s too low. No doubt. But for 1400 occupants, it amounts to Rs 28,000/- per month….and ever increasing as the occupancy increases. Add, items like card boards and so much of packaging material generated by the involved buyers from online platforms…. Amazonians, Swiggiians, Zomatians, Flipkartites and all.

The Gold is actually worth Rs 50-60,000/- month and guess what we pay to the vendor (SAMS as on date) to take the Gold away from us……. Rs 55,000/- per month.

Essentially, we have a Business case where the Waste Management can be a cost-neutral affair for the Common Area Maintenance (CAM) benefiting us ~Rs 60,000/- per month

Not every change can happen on the fly. We have an ongoing contractual regime. The contracts are up for renewals in few months and hope, an element of “Waste Value Credit” is incorporated in the contract clauses for waste management.

But, what about our own responsibility?

Yes, that’s much bigger ask for everyone to segregate diligently and make it a habit. Not only for yourself, but inculcate this habit to your children as well, so that they add more value to the society in future. The good quality of segregation will add more value to the waste which in turn will give more value back to us as a society. It is a small step, not a big deal. All that is needed is a little more will and a little change in perspective.

Keep segregating, Keep creating Gold !! We should be able to get to where we want to go – Make Waste Management a Zero-Sum Game. It’s possible !!

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