Bring More BWSSB Water To WH

This is a live blog updating the efforts made to bring more Kaveri water to Westend Heights. Every kL of BWSSB water saves us Rs 55/-. Our sanctioned demand is 19.7 ML/month on full occupation. However we get a paltry 2-4 ML/month….and many times even less than 1 ML/month. A group of motivated residents took on the task to get more BWSSB(Kaveri) water to Westend Heights. Read in chronological order below.

January 2019

December 2018

The best month so far in past 2 years, in terms of consumption per occupied flat coming down to the levels of ~470 lpd down from 511 lpd in Nov

In Dec, we consumed far lesser water…. just 19.5 ML. There are two factors working here

  1. Awareness on Valve Adjustment #SwalpaValveAdjustMaadi is working
  2. Reduced consumption due to colder weather and vacation season. Prima facie, it appears to be a contributing factor, though not a major one. Closely looking, the consumption rate in first half of December (674 kL / day), when vacation season actually had not started, was already down from what it was in November (741 kL / day) and it actually went up in 2nd half of December (713 kL / day).

In Dec again, we hardly received 1.1 5 ML of BWSSB (Kaveri) Water. If we would have received 4-5 ML of Kaveri water, our costs would have been lesser by ~Rs 2.5 lakhs

November 2018

November was the month when we saw

  1. Intensified propagation of #SwalpaValveAdjustMaadi
  2. Achieved the lowest per-occupied flat consumption in past 11 months, and 2nd lowest in 18 months
  3. A saving of Rs 2.8 lakhs in utilities (Water + BESCOM), on account of water, water pumping and STP electricity.

On 1st Nov, Kannada Rajyotsava Day, some of us distributed small handouts to the social gathering creating awareness on Valve adjustments and the benefits it can bring. Sonal Sharma and Mohi supported the awareness event.

photo6260152762679535638 (2)

The awareness continued throughout November and as a result, our November 2018 consumption further reduced to 20.8 ML i.e. good 2 ML lesser than in Aug-Sept levels. BESCOM costs on water pumping and STP showed reduction.

On the flip side, we did not get enough water from BWSSB. If BWSSB had supported by providing 4-5 ML of water, the costs would have been ~Rs 2.5 lakhs lesser per month

October 2018

October was the time of four key events

  1. Rigorous propagation of #SwalpaValveAdjustMaadi campaign on Social Media.
  2. Replacement of BWSSB meter
  3. Meeting with BWSSB Officials at Westend Heights
  4. Reduced consumption of water (from 22.8 ML in Aug 2018 to 21.5 ML in Oct)

The campaign #SwalpaValveAdjustMaadi was accelerated in October. Many residents responded and it was the talk of the complex. The results were awaited. It was propagated hard in the Ladies Groups of Westend Heights by Shilpa Bejoria. I and Sonal Sharma could also do a door-to-door campaign in several flats and help residents adjust their valves. Several others helped propagate the word.

Three educational videos were launched

Link of another educational video made by Shilpa is not posted due to non-availability of its web link. Once available, it will be posted.

Around 10th October 2018, BWSSB fixed the new water meter.

A meeting with BWSSB Officials was arranged in the Complex. On Oct 20th, the meeting happened in the presence of

1. Prabhakar Suvarna (President, WHCAOWA)
2. Rajan VT
3. Shilpa Bejoria
4. Kartikeya Khanna
5. Hemant Bohra
6. Amit Choksey
7. Sonal Sharma (EC Member)
8. Staff of JLL (Sharath, Rajshekhar)
9. B Nagendra (AE, S4, BWSSB) + 1 more Senior Official
10. AEE, Kodichikannahalli, BWSSB

BWSSB were clearly facing some hard facts from the Owners’ group in terms of the year-old petition by 470+ residents, the no-supply of water.  BWSSB gave commitment (rather, reiterated) to deliver atleast 4-5 ML of water each month and cited constraints related to demand growth and static water supply until the “110 village scheme” is implemented. BWSSB was asked whether they know what the demand growth has been and they had absolutely no answer to that. The meeting ended with the commitment from BWSSB.

The results of the #SwalpaValveAdjustMaadi started coming. The fruit of labour started ripening. We were consuming 22.8 ML in Aug 2018, which in October, reduced to 21.5 ML. Over 1.3 ML / month saving and correspondingly, our BESCOM costs on water pumping and STP also showed signs of reduction.

April 2018

The BWSSB tried to point fingers to faulty meter. After vigorous follow up, the BWSSB deployed resources to check the meter and it was found OK. Continuous follow up by Shilpa and aided by Kartikeya Khanna and Pracheer Singhal on email, chats and phone calls resulted in ~4 ML of water in 2018.

March 2018

Vigour in the cause renewed with Shilpa Bejoria joining the endeavour. After initial mentoring, she took BWSSB Officials to the task. As a result a meeting with BWSSB Officials was convened @ Westend Heights complex on 17th March 2018. Below are the Minutes

As a result, from 15th March till 31st March, we received ~3.25 ML in a month that roughly translates to 6 ML/month…. a fantastic volume of water (even if our demand was for 12 ML/month)

17th March 2018, 12:45 pm B6 Society Room
1. B Nagendra (AEE-S4)
2. Nagaraju (AE)
3. Shilpa Bejoria
4. Kartikeya Khanna
5. Sanjeev Sunkanwar
6. Suryakant
7. Pracheer Singhal
8. Amit Choksey
9. Kallappa (Property Management Office)
10. Muthu (Property Management Office)
11. Sharath (Property Management Office)
1. BWSSB expressed its inability to supply full quantum of water. Water can be supplied only twice a week to these new areas coming under CMC. However, they can increase the supply by 1-2 hours each day if incoming supply sufficient.
2. They will ensure to maintain the consistent supply of 4.4 ML per month for Westend Heights as was supplied in Oct month. For this, they themselves will also keep a close eye on the supply for Westend Heights
3. Water will come twice a week. Wed-9am to 2 pm and Sunday- 1 pm to 6 pm. They mentioned that supply may increase after summers.
4. Nagendra and Nagaraju were present and asked us to discuss the increase in entitlements and demands of apartment as well as the compensation for last 4 months in the next meeting with their executive,Gangadhar.
5. Another suggestion was made by a resident, Sanjeev in the meeting for getting borewell done inside Westend Heights apartment. BWSSB guys said that it can be done by filing application with Mines and Geology Dept and BWSSB for getting borewell inside Westend Heights.
6. We had requested them about the data on the total amount of water getting released for the entire area. For this, I shall be contacting Md Divya from BWSSB.Since there was no water received in last 2 month and the meter reading was 0, they suspected that the meter was not working and hence they had charged us for those 2 months on an average calculated for last 6 months. They shall be adjusting that money in our future bills
Meeting ended in a cordial note and greetings exchanged.

Nov 2017-Mid March 2018

The supply dropped miserably. Averaging less than 0.5 ML/month. BWSSB follow-up could not be pursued. Even Property Managers failed to do the needful chase up. Apparently one letter was issued in the name of WHCAOWA to EIC and few owners approached the MLA with representation…both in Dec 2017….and despite that until mid-March 2017, there was no water to Westend Heights. (copy of evidences if anyone have, may be sent to and the same will be appended in the blog)

October 2017

The best month !!! Constant interaction with BWSSB resulted in more and more water. We received a record 4.3 ML in October. For the first time, due to good supply, BWSSB cost lesser than Tanker water cost


Sept 2017

A better month. Water supply increased to 3.8 ML



Aug 2017 – First Success !!!





August 2017

This was the time for collective action once more….and this time with bigger numbers. A petition drive was initiated and 10-15 volunteers went door to door in each tower. The master petition was submitted to AEE-S4 on 19th Aug 2017 with 447 petitioners support.
AEE-S4 acknowledged the petition and issued oral instructions to the AE (Kodichikkanahalli) to double the water supply with immediate effect. A major victory for WH residents and owners !!!

The next is to monitor the enhanced water supply and count reducing trend of tankers.

To know more about the support from fellow owners, visit the thread!searchin/dlf_new_town_bangalore/ACTION$20$3A$20Demand$20Water$20from$20BWSSB%7Csort:date/dlf_new_town_bangalore/xGTTi3gn2SI/NkljCJl2AQAJ

April 2017

Possession for A block happened in Jan 2016 and for BC Blocks in Oct 2016. BWSSB gave final approval for all sanitary points in April 2017 and it was pity for Westend Heights once again when despite the Total approved demand of 19 ML (and demand of ~10 ML/month as per occupancy in June 2017), we were getting only 1-2 ML/month from BWSSB.

October 2015

On 3rd Oct 2015, Kartikeya Khanna met Engineer-In-Chief of BWSSB along with RTI application. The meeting concluded with positive support from EIC and revocation of the 240 sq mm to 300 sq mm ask. By 7th October, Holy Cauvery was flowing in D-block

Sept 2015

In Sept 2015, a complaint was filed by Kartikeya Khanna to Chief Engineer (M) supported by a letter campaign by several buyers. The complaints were followed by an RTI Application seeking very pointed information

July 2015

In July 2015, BWSSB makes unsubstantiated demand to replace 240 sq mm UnderGround Drainage Pipe (UGD) to 300 sq mm w/o technical basis. Also demands Rs ~10 lakhs. The water meter isnt installed. The Holy Cauvery is right at the gate of D-block, but not a drop of water in D-block yet !!!!


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